This event took place September 2017 in Flint MI. We now move forward with energy that was sparked during the event.

Tentative schedule of the one and half day program:

Friday, September 29  ●  5:00-9:00pm

Overview of the global context; framing the issues: water justice; anti-privatization; Nestlé in Canada and Michigan, anti-bottled water; bolstering public water ownership and infrastructure; colonization of water; explaining emergency management of Flint and Detroit

Featured speakers:
  • Maude Barlow, The Council of Canadians
  • Holly Bird, Michigan Water Protectors Legal Task Force
  • Lila Cabbil, Detroit People’s Water Board
  • Bishop Bernadel L. Jefferson, CAUTION
  • Jim Olson, FLOW
  5:00pm  Registration and reception, meet and greet
  6:00pm  Indigenous welcome and water blessing
  6:20pm  Summit welcome and overview
  6:30pm  Keynote: Maude Barlow (Council of Canadians) Global framing on the 
                privatization of water and human rights; Nestlé in Canada
  7:00pm  Music: Gaia Women of the Great Lakes Basin
  7:10pm  Michigan legal analysis: Jim Olson (For Love of Water)
                Nestlé in Michigan, Great Lakes Compact, NAFTA, public trust
  7:30pm  Indigenous legal perspective: Holly Bird (Michigan Water Protectors Legal Task 
  7:50pm  Short film: Story of Bottled Water
  8:00pm  Panel: Flint and Detroit Water Justice: Flint water contamination; Detroit water  
                shutoffs and emergency management in both cities                
                Lila Cabbil (People's Water Board) 
                Bishop Bernadel L. Jefferson (Faith Deliverance Center Church)
  8:30pm  Audience Q&A
  8:45pm  Ways to work for change; Wrap-up
  9:00pm  End of evening song

Saturday, September 30  ●  9:00am-3:00pm
Analysis of the Flint crisis; discussing water crises in several Michigan, Ontario and Indigenous communities; providing space for residents to share stories and experiences of water privatization; examining corporate and public-private partnership harms; outlining public water infrastructure needs; developing strategies for Blue Communities and the public commons.

   9:00am   Registration and light breakfast, meet and greet 

   9:30am   Indigenous welcome, Woodside Church greeting; overview
   9:45am   Keynote: Claire McClinton (Democracy Defense League)  An analysis of  
                  Flint’s 3.5 years in water crisis
 10:15am   Panel: Michigan, Indigenous and Ontario Communities in Water Crisis:
                  The Privatization of Water  
                  ─ Sylvia Plain, Aamjiwnaang First Nation and Great Lakes Canoe Journey
                   Marian Kramer, Highland Park Human Rights Coalition
                  Peggy Case, Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
                  TBC, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe
                  Robert Case, Wellington Water Watchers
 11:15am   Q&A
 11:30am   Next steps: Lunch, workshops and strategies
 11:45am   Lunch and music
 12:15pm   Concurrent Workshops: Round 1 
   1:15pm   Break 
   1:30pm   Concurrent Workshops: Round 2
   2:30pm   Next steps, closing comments; culture/song, water blessing/gratitude
   3:00pm   End of event