March Public Forum

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Here are some of the actions that our speakers invited you to participate in:
1. Karen Rathwell, Wellington Water Watchers - Email the Ontario premier to say no to Nestlé and phase out bottled water takings
2. Peggy Case, Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation - Write a letter to the Michigan DEQ about the Rule Changes on Injection Wells
3. Emma Lui, Council of Canadians: Write a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau to end Drinking Water Advisories  in First Nations
4.  Lila Cabbil, Detroit People's Water Board: Follow the Detroit People’s Water Board to learn how you can support stopping water shut offs.

Here are 10 other action ideas you can take in your community to make a difference and join hundreds of others by adding your support to the Great Lakes Commons Charter.

Water is Life: continuing to strengthen a Great Lakes Commons

Nestlé's bottled water takings, the privatization of water infrastructure and the pollution of water impact Great Lakes communities and violate Indigenous treaty rights. Residents, Indigenous representatives and water groups came together in Flint, Michigan last September to oppose the commodification and privatization of water, and honor water sovereignty. Join us on March 14 to continue to talk about how Great Lakes peoples can take action to shift water ownership into guardianship and uphold the human right to clean water.


There will be six community leaders speaking for the 1st hour and then 30 min for Q & A.

- Lila Cabbil, Detroit People's Water Board
- Desmond Berry, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
- Peggy Case, Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
- Emma Lui, Council of Canadians
- Karen Rathwell, Wellington Water Watchers
- Other speakers tbc

- Facilitated by Paul Baines, Great Lakes Commons

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