The Water is Life: Strengthening the Great Lakes Commons summit is sponsored by national, regional and local organizations committed to increasing information and advocacy on water issues that affect various Great Lakes communities and peoples. 

We invite your group to become a sponsor too! 

Sponsorship for this summit requires the following:
  • A commitment of organizational time and/or financial support to support the needs of this event;
  • Active participation and promotion of this summit among your membership group and through your networks;
  • On-site assistance with set-up, registration and logistical needs, including food service and/or child care support;
  • Co-leading a workshop or providing support for panel discussions;
  • Social media promotion and posting of information about this summit and the issues it seeks to advance.
 Current sponsors include:

For more information about sponsoring this water summit, please contact:
Emma at Council of Canadians (elui AT canadians.org) or
Peggy at Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation (hildaheron AT aol.com)