Water Is Life Alliance Coordinator Position: Application open until Oct 7

The Water Is Life Alliance is looking for a new part-time Coordinator to provide coordinating support to the Alliance for and among its membership groups for meeting and activity needs and objectives that will increase the Alliance’s organizing and advocacy capacity.  

Please read a description of the Coordinator Position for work requirements, preferences and an application and interview schedule. The application closes October 7 and the first day of work is expected to begin on October 22. The applicant must be a Michigan resident.

The new Coordinator will be paid as an Independent Contractor through WILA's fiscal sponsor, Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation. Note: This is not an entry-level position and preference strongly leans toward coordinators or organizers with water rights knowledge and grassroots experience in the Great Lakes area.

Apply here for the WILA Coordinator position

Water Is Life Alliance is a grassroots coalition of Michigan, Ontario and Indigenous residents that opposes water commodification and privatization, organizes for the human right to water and promotes water commons and treaties rights across the Great Lakes Basin. 

Thank you for your interest and support