Let's Stop Nestle

March World Water Day Events


International World Water Day 2018 at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, MI

WaterDocs in Toronto, Film Screenings & Panel Discussion:

The State of Our Water: An overview of the most critical issues facing water in Illinois

Kahnekanoron: World Water Day. Global Water Futures: co-creation of Indigenous water quality tools water and health workshop. Six Nations led water research, Six Nations Community Hall. 6-8pm, Thursday March 22.

World Water Day in Ottawa: A Tale of Two Cities & Water Warriors

Sarnia Justice Film Festival March 24th @7pm screening: Fractured Land

Here is a list of the 27 events Council of Canadians chapters are organizing:

Join Ontario Clean Air Alliance on Thur. March 15, 7 p.m. at the Pickering Central Library Auditorium for a public presentation and discussion about  dangers and alternatives to Pickering Nuclear Station. The event will be livestreamed on OCAA's FB page.

Windsor: Walking with Indigenous Peoples to Detroit River for a water blessing

All National Water Ceremony, Tiny Ontario, April 14

Water is Life: Continuing to Strengthen a Great Lakes Commons

The Flint public forum held September 2017 energized over 200 people around water justice issues concerning privatization and access. We are continuing this effort with additional events in 2018.

Join us March 14 @noon as we continue to strengthen a Great Lakes Commons. For more details on this online event visit the event page here.

Registration near capacity, closes on Thursday, September 28

We are excited to welcome dozens of water-concerned residents expected to attend this water summit from across Michigan, Ontario and the Great Lakes region!

Registration closes Thursday, September 28 at 11:59pm Eastern time zone.

Registered participants are arriving in Flint from all over Michigan, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Howell, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Northpoint and Petoskey, Grand Haven. Many Canadian residents are traveling in from Ontario cities such as Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Centre Wellington, Hamilton, Guelph, Leamington and Petersborough. Great Lakes residents from Minnesota, Wisconsin and New York are en route, along with participants from Massachusetts, New York, California; Quebec and Saskatchewan!

Stemming from widespread and diverse communities -- small, medium and large -- the Water Is Life: Strengthening the Great Lakes Commons summit will provide information about privatization efforts and impacts on our local economies and environments, along with the human toll experienced by residents who live without clean, accessible, affordable water. Presenters and residents alike will share information on corporate commodification of public waters for profiteering that governments allow nearly free while low income people who cannot afford water and sewage costs are shutoff regularly, and many communities are denied democratic decision-making.

Moreover, we will advance calls for a Great Lakes Commons that ensures the Great Lakes Basin is protected and utilized sustainably across our region, and that water guardian traditions of Indigenous peoples are supported across systems and governments.

See you soon!

Yom Kippur apology statement from summit organizers

Dear friends:

In recent days it was brought to our attention that this upcoming summit, Water Is Life: Strengthening the Great Lakes Commons, is taking place at the same time that Yom Kippur begins. 

We apologize for this untimely planning. Progressive members of the Jewish community are long-term supporters and water warriors in this work for the human right to water and protection of the Great Lakes Basin. We have issued a public apology statement regarding this and intend to follow up closely with Jewish water allies in the coming weeks.


The Water Is Life summit planning committee

Register now to participate in the Michigan-Ontario water summit

Dear Michigan and Ontario residents and Great Lakes friends,

We cordially invite you to register today for an upcoming Flint-based summit, Water is Life: Strengthening the Great Lakes Commons.

For one and half days, residents across the region will meet to discuss concerns and suggestions for improving the quality, safety and commonality of the drinking water and tributaries of the Great Lakes basin. Featured speakers, panels and workshops led by people directly impacted by water management crises; legal analyses of commodified bottled water extractions; low income community struggles with water affordability, shutoffs and water contamination; public health concerns with aging water infrastructure;  challenges to private and public-private water enterprises and more.

An Invitation to Share, Learn and Protect

On September 29-30, 2017, concerned residents from across Michigan, USA and Ontario, Canada, along with Indigenous peoples will gather in Flint, Michigan to discuss Great Lakes threats, human rights and water sovereignty.

We invite you to participate in this community-based summit of Michigan, Ontario and Indigenous residents opposing commodification and privatization of water, and strengthening the Great Lakes commons and indigenous sovereignty. Featured keynotes, plenaries and workshops will address how bottled water turns commons into commodities and how Great Lakes peoples can shift water ownership into guardianship and a human right.

Register TODAY and indicate your workshop preferences, spaces limited.